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About Us

The Periodic Paralysis Association is a Non-profit Charitable Corporation founded to foster awareness of the periodic paralyses, promote science-based information regarding this class of disorder, and champion the interests of the Periodic Paralysis Community.

Statement of Purpose:

To provide convenient access to science-based information to help better understand and manage the periodic paralyses.

To stimulate interaction between the periodic paralysis community and various professional disciplines that may be able to bring light to this complex and often misunderstood collection of disorders.

To provide the tools and a forum for open discussion of the diverse issues associated with these disorders.

To promote an increasing level of awareness of these disorders, leading to increased research, improved management guidelines, improved diagnostic protocols, and ultimately, their prevention and cure.

PPA Contact Information:

Jacob Levitt, M.D., F.A.A.D. 
President and Medical Director, Periodic Paralysis Association
155 West 68th St., Suite 1732, New York, NY 10023
To contact Dr. Levitt, see Contact Us

Linda Feld
Vice President , Periodic Paralysis Association

631 Vine Ct. Apopka, FL 32703

Tel: (407) 339-9499
To contact Linda Feld, see Contact Us.

Membership Information:

To become a member of the PPA please visit our Membership Information page.

History of the PPA: 

As has been the case for many rare disorders, the PPA rose out of a group of individuals who found each other over the internet seeking answers about their rare conditions.  Among these individuals were Deb Cavel-Greant, Don Anderson, and Patrick Cochran.  Deb and Don founded and managed a listserv for those affected with periodic paralysis.  Their organization evolved into what is today The Periodic Paralysis News Desk (http://www.hkpp.org).  the Periodic Paralysis News Desk has created a site rich with information for both periodic paralysis patients and their physicians, and it still maintains an independent listserv.  Patrick Cochran, motivated by a desire to find a diagnosis for his wife, Kay, as well as by the recognition of the benefits of having an official organization for this group of orphan diseases, had the foresignt to incorporate the Periodic Paralysis Association as a California-based 501c3 organization.  The PPA was incorporated on June 27, 1997.  The PPA's mission was to establish a forum in which patients could communicate with each other, gather credible, science-based information, and gain access to the leading experts in the field.  Additionally, by creating an official home for these disorders, the PPA hoped to facilitate collaboration between physicians and researchers in this field.