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This article profiles the diagnostic journey of Linda Feld with the ultimate finding of a new calcium channel mutation for Periodic Paralysis  12/2013

Lehmann-Horn, Frank and Jurkat-Rott, Karin  Brain Medical Journal

Transient compartment-like syndrome and Normokalaemic Periodic Paralysis due to a Cav1.1 mutation



Wahl, Margaret.  Periodic Paralysis InFocus:  It's all in the muscles, not the head. 

QUEST . July-September 2009;16(3):pages.

This is a Quest  Magazine article on the MDA site, about Periodic Paralysis and features Linda Feld PPA Board Secretary and former Board Member Carl Parker.




For further information about MDA, please visit their Web site: http://www.mda.org.


Link to Dr. Lehmann-Horn The Art of Listening Award at Genetic Alliance in Washington, D.C. July 2009




Poem by Victoria Shover, who has HYPO PP: 

A day in the life of a Periodic Paralysis Patient

The 911 call placed, you feel like you're dreaming,
You're not, from afar you can hear sirens screaming;

The ambulance ride, your body's not moving,
They wonder aloud, whoa, she's not improving;

Respiratory muscles won't respond to a breath,
You know once again that you're so close to death;

Whizzed in on a gurney, it's all moving fast,
What? You're parked in a hallway suddenly bypassed;

How are you this evening? Then give you that look,
The oxygen, sensors and wires they unhook;

They make you feel guilty, as if you are faking,
You're frightened, can't breathe, and everything's aching;

The ER visits, the doctors, the begging and pleading,
You would not desert me if I were here bleeding;

Weakness, paralysis and cognitive decline,
Inverted T-waves, arrhythmias are fine;

The patient is faking, playing possum I see,
With his hammer he can't get a jerk from the knee;

Agonizing pain, it strikes with a flash,
The doctor shrugs shoulders, departs in a dash;

Positive tests, plus symptoms and signs,
Potassium is low, but you will be fine.