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Heart Palpitations and Chest Pain-High Potassium Levels

I have Thompsen disease, I am a 43 year old male. I have had MC for as long as I can remember. I was diagnosed at the age of 21. I have just started to have chest pains and heart palpitations. Blood work shows my potassium level is high at 5.3. Is anybody else having this problem. I have started a lower potassium diet and I have started to see a heart specialist. They are telling my cholesterol is normal, but my potassium is high. My blood work also shows no signs of kidney problems. I have told the doctors that I have MC, but I don't think they are listening. Does anybody else have high potassium levels due to MC? MC does cause the potassium to be pushed out of your muscles and into your bloodstream, correct?

I do not have this diagnosis, however I have a link for you that you may find helpful.
This one is on GHR, and they have changed their format so I find it may be a bit more user friendly. I would check out all the links, some of which provide additional links:

https://ghr.nlm.nih.gov/condition/myoto ... #resources

Also, you might try the 'Search Forum' link to the left, and type in hyperkalemia, or cardio etc... and see if there are previous conversations regarding hyperkalemia and cardio issues.

The 'Ask the Advisors' link on left has also been useful for my self, and for some members, and is also worth a try.

Finally, while I do not really use social media at this time, I have read that Facebook pages exist, Kendra is a good source for that information, and maybe someone has posted information there that is not posted here.

Meanwhile, I will see what else I can find.