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TPP mutation w/all Familial HypoKPP symptoms but no thyroid issues.

I WAS born with thyroid need but I was 44 and on o in my blood before they desided to give me the pills. Potas was 2 thats when I went done the long road to get help.. 6 years ago and 2 bad strokes ,of which they watched in the icu. Then muscle biop. They sent it off but the place did not look at my file nore on the thyroid chain.
but yes the throid is part of the problem.

I do not have TPP; but, I am euthyroid with a goiter. I have been researching iodine because of my encounter with iodine contrast and being almost completely paralyzed for 2 hrs.

I am wondering if you and your family are consuming hidden iodine? In the form of:

1. milk products
2. seaweed/kelp
3. seafood
4. soy milk
5. medicines
6. foods grown in iodine rich soil

Please keep us updated if you get answers, thanks,
Jeanette, PP/MG/channelopathy, FL

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Is there anyone out there with a TPP mutation experiencing HypoK PP symptoms with no thyroid issues?

I and five of my children have this mutation and almost all of us have full familial HypoKPP Plus symptoms being expressed in a variety of severities. All tests (labs, long ExEMG) support HypoKPP Dx.

I am just wondering if anyone else is in this subgroup.