Known Issues

Dear Members,
Switching to a complete new environment sometimes gives a bit of problems. I am working very hard to attend all problems.
A few of the known problems on the new site:
  • Some images are not visible.  If this happens, please let me know. Send an email to and include the URL (like:
  • The given username and password are not able to log you in Many of our members had more then one account in the old site. This is a severe problem in the new site. Now it is only possible to have one unique account. But, the automated transfer of all members to the new site, created the same amount of accounts as the member had on the old site. In this procedure the last given password is valid. In some cases these credentials were sent to an old email address, which is no longer in use by the member. Soo, if this has happened to you, please send me an email ( and do not forget to include your login name. I will reset your password manualy and send you the correct login credentials.
  • The menu does not translate to other languages This is a technical core problem that will be solved in the near future by the qTranslate plugin. If you have any other questions about the site, do not hasitate to ask.
  • 404 Page not available Google redirects to the old website. This site does no longer exist. This gave “404 Page not available” messages. All non existing links are now redirected to our homepage.