Michael Segal MD PhD

MichaelSegal- Dr. Segal is a pediatric neurologist who did research on sodium channels in epilepsy while he was on the faculty of Harvard Medical School. Since 2002 he has been at SimulConsult, a company he founded that produces software to assist in making medical diagnoses. In 2007, together with his colleagues from Harvard, he described a form of attention deficit disorder that resembles hypokalemic periodic paralysis.   Dr. Segal got his PhD and MD degrees in 1982 and 1983 from Columbia University. After a pediatric internship at St. Louis Children’s Hospital he returned to New York to do a pediatric neurology residency at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital from 1984-87. Before joining the faculty at Harvard Medical School he did a fellowship in Harvard’s Neurobiology Department, winning the S. Weir Mitchell young investigator award of the American Academy of Neurology in 1990 for the epilepsy research he did there.