October 25-27


Rosen Shingle Creek Hotel

Address :9939 Universal Blvd, Orlando, FL 32819

We are pleased to announce our 2019 PPA Conference to our membership. This is a 3 – day conference and is open to all PPA members, their families, and physicians. There is NO conference fee for the conference and all attendees are invited to join us for dinner on Saturday evening in the Conway Room of the hotel at our expense.  This will be a wonderful time to renew old friendships and forge new ones! Please see the agenda for the conference which includes all speakers, times of presentations, and dinner. This is not a formal dinner, please be comfortable!

Hotel reservations are your responsibility and you can access our special room rate.

As usual we are welcoming an esteemed panel of speakers who will interact with you and answer questions of all kinds. This is an extremely diversified group of speakers and we welcome all of them to the PPA family.

There will be onsite Paramedic coverage during all conference hours. We always encourage people to bring a friend or family member with you that could accompany you to the hospital if the need should arise and be your advocate. PPA leadership and attending physicians cannot treat you medically in an emergency situation nor will they accompany you to the hospital.

We keep the conference room at a constant 75 degrees. If you get cold or warm, please bring the appropriate attire. It is also important to bring any mobility devices or other equipment with you as our sources are limited. Water will be available at all times, don’t forget to bring your personal medications!

The meeting room has floor to ceiling windows and is on the first floor of the hotel with access to an outdoor patio. You may move about as you wish during the entire conference. Handicap bathrooms are located just outside the meeting room.

If you have questions, large or small please do not hesitate to contact Linda Feld

You MUST register for the conference on our site. If you do not register you will not be admitted. We need a head count of ALL attendees. The registration form which will come up next is where you register. Please make sure your email is valid as you will receive a notice of your registration.

On the registration form the person whose name is used to register is #1 in the party. Additional lines are provided for OTHER family members or guests. Do not count yourself two times.

We look forward to seeing you in October for the biggest and best conference ever!!