PPA Conference 2018 :: Dublin – Ireland

We are very excited to announce that the PPA will be going to Dublin, Ireland on August 17-19 this year for a conference. The registration for the conference is FREE, but you still have to register to reserve your place at the conference. This registration process is now open. Make sure you register ALL family members attending with you.


We will be using the Hilton Airport Hotel in Dublin and the room rates are as follows: Date – Rates per night*

  • Thursday (August 16)
    • 1 person – 179 euro
    • 2 people – 192 euro
  • Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday (August 17-20)
    • 1 person – 139 euro
    • 2 people – 152 euro

* There is an optional supplement for breakfast (1300 euro).

Hilton's online reservation system always averages the rate throughout the stay, so, if you stay from Thursday to Monday your room rate will average at 149 euros per day excluding breakfast. The quoted rate will vary for different stay durations due to the different rate for Thursday night vs. Friday, Sat, Sun, and Monday nights.  If you have questions about this, please contact Hilton directly.  If you don't book via our web portal, which automatically gets you to the PPA room rate, please ask for the Periodic Paralysis Association room rate when you call. Rooms MUST be booked by June 1st to receive these rates.

We are planning an exciting conference with board members attending as well as members of our esteemed medical advisory board. They will offer great information to all attending and will be there for the entire conference to interact personally with you. If you have never attended a USA Conference, you are in for an extraordinary experience as you will meet people "just like you" and have the unique experience of exchanging information with fellow patients and physicians who specialize in this rare disease.

Please invite your own physicians to attend and help us by spreading this information through physician offices to reach other people with periodic paralysis who may not be members of the PPA.

If you have questions relating to the conference, please send them to info@periodicparalysis.org, and we will answer them to the best of our ability.

We are still forming our panel of speakers, but, we can tell you that Dr. Stephen Cannon from the USA will be in attendance along with Dr. Frank Weber from Germany, and PPA President Dr. Jacob Levitt.  We are awaiting confirmations (hopefully in the affirmative) from Drs. Bertrand Fontaine from France, Michael Hanna from England, and Bas Stunnenberg from the Netherlands.Don't miss out on your chance to interact with these experts!

PPA Agenda Dublin 2018 August 17 – Friday
  • 13:00 Open Registration for pre-registered guests
  • 13:45 Open with Welcome from Dr. Levitt
  • 14:00 Gabriel Low Video
  • 14:15 Gabriel Low
  • 14:30 Dr. Weber
  • 15:00 Break
  • 15:15 Questions Dr. Weber
  • 15:45 Open Mic with Dr. Michael Segal
  • 16:45 Dr. Michael Segal to talk to selected patients about Lidocaine sensitivity
  • 18:00 Conference ends for day and doors are locked
August 18 – Saturday
  • 8:00 Registration
  • 8:45 Short Welcome from Dr. Levitt and Board Introductions
  • 9:00 Dr. Steve Cannon
  • 9:45 Questions Dr. Cannon
  • 10:00 Break
  • 10:15 Dr. Annabelle Baughan
  • 10:45 Questions Dr. Baughan
  • 11:15 Dr. Michael Segal – New Project with genes
  • 12:00 Start lunch break sending people to buffet
  • 14:00 Doctor Round Table
  • 15:00 Break
  • 15:15 Round Table continues with mock medical exam of 2 people from audience
  • 16:45 Conference ends for day
August 19 Sunday
  • 9:00 Memorialize Dr. Lehmann-Horn with video and words from Dr. Levitt
  • 9:30 Dr. Bas Stunnenberg
  • 10:15 E s t h e r M e r k u s (student) Dr. Bas Stunnenberg
  • 11:00 Questions for Dr. Stunnenberg and E s t h e r M e r k u s
  • 11:30 Good bye from the PPA
  • 12:30 Doors are locked
Impression of the Hilton hotel
PPA Conference 2018 :: Dublin – Ireland
PPA Conference 2018 :: Dublin – Ireland
PPA Conference 2018 :: Dublin – Ireland