PPA Connect

Once called the Listserv, the PPA Connect servive allows subscribers to share posts with other members of the PPA community.  Your post will be emailed to all other subscribers and, even better, any responses to your post will also be seen by those same people.  This is a dynamic way for insights, understanding, and growth to be shared.

After subscribing (see boxes below), email your post to ppaconnect@periodicparalysis.org

In order to maintain a workable, safe and positive environment, please follow these directions:

  • Keep your post concise and to the point.
  • No flaming. Respect the diverse nature of our membership: and refrain from   using potential bias from your posts.
  • No shouting (capitalizing words which are not titles).  Use asterisks around words to highlight them.
  • If you include materials from other authors, give them the credit they deserve, and remember copyrighting practices.
  • Forwarding emails to non-subscribers violates confidentiality and should be avoided.
  • Any potential announcements or advertisements must be approved by the PPA Connect Board.

Responding to a post:

  • In the interest of keeping threads compressed, when responding to a post, only write enough of the previous message to provide reference for your post. Then remove the old post from under your signature.
  • Remember to change the subject line so that it matches the content of your post.
  • Keep in mind that PPA CONNECT is for the benefit of its membership and therefore any message to a specific individual and not of general interest should be emailed directly to that address and not within the PPA CONNECT site.

Before sending your post, please sign your name, type of periodic paralysis, and home location (Country or State).  Do not post computer virus warnings, and remember to turn off any automatic signature files.

The Periodic Paralysis Board maintains the PPA-Connect  site and is solely responsible for membership eligibility, and has the authority to cancel any membership, with or without cause, at its discretion.