PPA has a new Treasurer

As we all know, change is certain to happen, and the PPA Board is a recent example. After many years of extremely dedicated service to you, Shelley Shifman has stepped down as our esteemed Treasurer. She will now be free to spend time with her expanding family. Shelley has played a vital role in the PPA for a number of years, working diligently behind the scenes on bookkeeping, fundraising initiatives, and conference organization. She has been the welcoming face of the PPA at most of our conferences, coordinating registrations, and coming to the rescue to many of the folks who have had attacks at the conferences. She will still be attending conferences, so look for her at the next one. In the meantime, we all wish her the very best!

As Shelley departs, we are very fortunate to have Monica Cramer joining us as Treasurer and Board Member. Many of you already know her from her attendance at our conferences, and we are delighted to have her as part of the staff! Monica grew up in Orlando and is currently working towards her Bachelor of Social Work (BSW).

Monica spent twenty-five years in the horse industry as a trainer and instructor, and she likes to ride with her friends and family, with hopes of returning to the show ring one day. She also enjoys bike riding and roller skating.

Monica was clinically diagnosed with a variant of Hypokalemic Periodic Paralysis in 2010. Both of her children, her sister, and her niece carry the same diagnosis. Monica says the PPA was a key factor in her diagnosis and treatment.

With positive energy, Monica has been a creative force in the local Periodic Paralysis Support Group of Florida. And we are confident that as PPA Treasurer that same dynamic will be seen and felt by all. Welcome, Monica!

Jake, Linda, Jeff, and Eric