2017 Conference Scottsdale

PPA Conference USA – Scottsdale, AZ
October 13-15, 2017

5001 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, Arizona, 85250, USA TEL: +1-480-949-1414


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Agenda PPA Conference 2017

Friday Oct. 13

12:00 pm Board Meeting

1:00 pm Registration Opens at Hotel

2:00 pm Welcome to the PPA Conference and Introduction of Board and other people working with board – any recognition of donors?

2:30 pm Introduction of Mickey Segal and explanation of him being mentor for Open Mic

3:00 pm BREAK

3:15 pm Continuation of Open Mic

4:30 pm Close of Conference for Day – guests may stay and chat

6:00 pm Doctor/Board Dinner – Location to be announced


Saturday Oct. 14

8:15 am Registration Opens

8:45 am Welcome to Conference Day 2 (for people who did not attend previous day – quick introductions)

9:00 am   Dr. Weber Keynote Presentation Dr Weber presentation

9:45 am Questions for Dr. Weber

10:00 am BREAK

10:15 am Dr. Cannon Dr Cannon presentation

11:00 am Questions for Dr. Cannon

11:30am   Break for Room set-up for lunch

12:15pm Buffet Lunch and  Silent/Live Auction

1:45 pm Dr. Ptacek Dr. Ptacek presentation

2:15 pm Questions for Dr. Ptacek

2:45 pm   BREAK

3 pm Dr. Bell Dr Bell presentation

3:30 pm   Questions Dr. Bell

4:00 pm Samantha Shifman

4:30 pm Questions Samantha

5:00 pm   Conference Ends for Day


Shelley Meet for Audit with chosen designees


Sunday Oct. 15

9:00 am  Dr Malan

9:45 am Questions for Dr Malan

10:00 am BREAK

10:15am Dr. Round Table

11:30 am Closing Remarks

12:00 pm Conference Ends

1:00 pm Doors are Locked


Speakers for PPA Conference 2017 Scottsdale, AZ

Frank_Weber_042012Dr. Frank Weber – Germany

Steve_CannonDr. Steve Cannon – California, USA

LouisDr. Louis Ptacek – Utah, USA

MichaelSegal-Dr. Michael Segal – Massachusetts, USA

dr-malanDr. Todd Malen – Scottsdale, AZ

atbellDr. Todd Bell – Texas, USA

samshifmanDr. Samantha Shifman – Ohio USA.


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Jacob Levitt, M.D. President

  Jeff Albertson, Secretary

Linda Feld , Vice President

Shelley Shifman, Treasurer

Eric Sanderse, IT Director


Location of the Conference