Genetic Testing

Disclaimer Notice:  The Periodic Paralysis Association assumes no responsibility for outcome, harm, or expense associated with this testing. Each individual participant is advised to carefully review all aspects of any medical procedure she/he is considering with his/her own physician.


Genetic Testing Information and Directions

Genetic Testing for the PPA used to be provided by Dr. Frank Lehmann-Horn’s lab in Ulm, Germany.  Since 2015, the testing has been transferred to Fullerton Genetics Labs in Asheville, North Carolina, USA. Please follow the following link for instructions on how to order this testing.

Please refer to the bolded PERIODIC PARALYSIS information at the top of the page after you click on the link above. International samples should be accepted.

If you have questions about this testing process, a representative at Fullerton Labs should be able to help you. If you should need further assistance, please contact Ms. Linda Feld, PPA Genetic Testing Liaison, at PPA Inquiries.

A second possibility is to do your genetic testing with Strongbridge. They provide a full test for Periodic Paralysis. For more information click here.

The PPA endorses Fullerton Genetics Lab as our preferred lab for genetic testing of periodic paralysis.  However, we provide other options as we become aware of them.  We like our members to have choices.  Please CONTACT US if you are aware of other labs not listed here.


Other Genetic Testing in United States

PreventionGenetics is a leader in providing comprehensive genetic testing. Testing for Primary Periodic Paralysis includes three types: Hyperkalemic Periodic Paralysis, Hypokalemic Periodic Paralysis, and Andersen-Tawil Syndrome. The full gene sequencing methods for these disorders reduce the number of false negative results. Our experienced team provides flexible billing options, fast turnaround times, personalized service and the highest quality testing. PreventionGenetics is a nationally and internationally accredited laboratory.

Website:  Prevention Genetics

Link for Clinical Inquiries / Genetic Counselor assistance:

Genetic Testing in Europe

The following lab offers genetic testing for periodic paralysis for people living in the European Union:

CeGaT GmbH in Tübingen