The Frank Lehmann-Horn Library

Dr. Frank Lehmann-Horn (June 22, 1948 – May 5, 2018) was the leader in so many facets of understanding and treating the periodic paralyses, as well as being especially caring for the daily stresses endured by the patients themselves.  With his passing earlier this year, the Periodic Paralysis Association wanted to create a living tribute to everything he accomplished, including the foundations he laid for others in the fight for cures.

We are honored to include on our website every locatable document that he either wrote or co-wrote on the subject of Periodic Paralysis.  In so doing, we want to humbly thank his wife, Christa, for giving us access to these documents.  We at the PPA will continue to remember this great man fondly and are proud to establish the Lehmann-Horn Library in his honor.




Sodium Channel


Calcium Channel


Potassium Channel


Chloride channel


Zinc channel


Ion channel general / Channelopathies


Hyperkalemic Periodic Paralysis


Normokalemic Periodic Paralysis


Hypokalemic Periodic Paralysis


Periodic Paralysis







Muscle weakness


(Malignant) Hyperthermia










(Guidelines to) Diagnosis