ListServ, Forum and News


ListServ is a way of communicating by email. You need to be registered to be able to use the ListServ.


Simply send an email to and all subscribed ListServ members will receive the email. All replies will be sent to the ListServ as well.


Subscribing and unsubscribing can be done through your profile. For that, you must be a PPA Member. After logging in  you can go to ‘My PPA -> My Profile’.

Please see navigation buttons to the left under listserv for the following options:

  • Become ListServ Member (go)
    Subscribing to the ListServ can be done in your personal profile. Select YES on the ListServ or ListServ-digest to subscribe or NO to unsubscribe.
  • ListServ Rules (go)
    Participating in the ListServ is bounded by a few simple rules. Please read these rulse carefully.


  • The PPA forum is migrated to the well known phpBB platform. To participate on the Forum, you have to request a logincredentials through our forum registration form.