The registration for our Chicago PPA Conference 2020 is now open

Dear PPA Members, The registration for our Chicago PPA Conference 2020 is now open on the PPA website. We know many of you have made hotel reservations, but you MUST now register with the Periodic Paralysis Association, so we know how many people to expect. You can register your entire group at one time on the registration page. Fill in your registration first. At the bottom of your registration it will say add an additional person. Click on this button. On the next page fill in the information for the next member of your group. You can do this for as many family members as needed. Always click the button at the bottom of the page. If there are no other people to register, then the registration process can be stopped. All people registered will receive an email noting their registration. The FIRST person who registers will get and email with a PayPal link at the bottom of your email. Click on this link. This will take you to PayPal. There is a single fee of $25 for the whole group registered under your name. By paying this fee in PayPal (you do not need an account) it will activate all the people in your group. There is ONLY a one-time fee of $25 per family. We will be able to see on our registration page if the $25 fee has been paid. We will notify you if the payment does not arrive. This fee is necessary to defray a very small amount of the conference costs and to try to reduce the number of people who sign up but do not attend. We need to know how many people to expect. We sincerely hope that Chicago will be a tremendous success as it is so easy to reach for so many people. Thank you for reading these directions and please contact me personally if you do not understand.