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The following list represents health care providers (i.e., physicians, physical therapists, nutritionists, etc.) with whom our members or correspondants have had good experiences, specifically in dealing with periodic paralysis. You can see the list of physicians below, listed by region, or recommend one yourself.

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If you have good experiences with your doctor, please suggest a Physician

Additionally, the following represent centers identified by the PPA, its members, or its corresondants that have a special interest in periodic paralysis and other ion channelopathies:

The National Hospital For Neurology in Queens Square, London Michael Hanna, MD

The University of Rochester, Strong Memorial Hospital, Rochester, NY Robert Griggs, MD person | Rabi Tawil, MD person

University Pierre et Marie Curie, France Bertrand Fontaine, MD

University of Texas, Southwestern, Dallas, Texas Stephen Cannon, MD, PhD person

University of California, San Francisco, California Louis Ptacek, MD person